1. Initial Inspection

This involves a comprehensive assessment of your property, encompassing equipment and appliance information, specialized area inspections, and a detailed report featuring 3D scans and high-quality photos. We establish a tailored maintenance schedule and organize warranties and model numbers to facilitate streamlined future service requests.

2. Seasonal Maintenance: April & October

Ongoing care includes clearing interior and exterior drains, cleaning gutters and roofs, tidying up the backyard, clearing dryer vents, making cabinet adjustments, replacing light bulbs, conducting basement checks, and performing general visual inspections. These inspections prepare your home for weather changes, while appliance maintenance includes replacing filters and shutting off/on exterior faucets.

3. Service Request Portal

The ‘Service Request’ portal streamlines service submissions by allowing real-time video and photos to be available for approvals. Clients can access detailed estimates and adjust preferences as needed. We ensure prompt communication throughout the work process.

4. Staffing

Licensed and insured tradespeople are available round-the-clock, including Electricians and Plumbers. Additionally, we provide Painters, Carpenters, and Locksmiths. Our team also includes Utility Consultants to review electric, water, and sewer bills, as well as Insurance Brokers, Attorneys, and Accountants proficient in Real Estate matters. Moreover, we collaborate with Architects and Green Building Specialists.

5. Bonuses

  • Emergency and after-hour services are readily available.
  • Priority project scheduling.
  • Access to the HPRe+D Preferred Service Provider database.
  • 15% off repairs and improvements.
  • 15% off administrative services such as research, accounting, ordering, and mailings.
  • 15% off access needs and waiting services.
  • Our personnel are identifiable by uniforms or ID.
  • Basic tools and supplies are provided.
  • We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured.
  • Work is guaranteed for one year from completion, excluding materials or goods.