HPRe+D creates custom maintenance programs designed for each property.  Scheduled visits are quarterly/seasonally with a 10% discount offered on any renovation work needed.


Harlem Property Re+Development (HPRe+D) served as the development division of Harlem Lofts Inc. from 2002 to 2011. During this time, HPRe+D specialized in the conversion of townhouses into R-4 condominiums across Upper Manhattan. Notably, HPRED was known for its meticulous attention to detail and a keen focus on expanding building envelopes, achieved through cellar excavations and the addition of penthouses. This commitment to enhancing and modernizing properties contributed significantly to the transformation of the real estate landscape in the area.


HPRe+D subsequently evolved into a standalone company with a primary focus on developing townhouses into condominiums for small investor groups within the Harlem and Upper Manhattan regions. This transition allowed HPRe+D to continue its mission of revitalizing and modernizing properties, catering specifically to the needs and interests of small investor groups in these vibrant neighborhoods.


HPRe+D expanded its operations by establishing a maintenance division that offered home service contracts and emergency services to homeowners of townhouses in Upper Manhattan. This expansion allowed HPRe+D to provide comprehensive support to townhouse owners, not only in the development and conversion of properties but also in ensuring ongoing maintenance and timely emergency assistance, further solidifying its presence and commitment to the local community.


HPRe+D continued its expansion by extending its services to condominium and cooperative boards throughout Upper Manhattan. In addition to its existing offerings, HPRe+D now provided improvement, maintenance, and emergency services to these boards, catering to the specific needs and requirements of condominium and cooperative communities in the area. This expansion further showcased HPRe+D’s commitment to comprehensive property management and maintenance solutions for a broader range of clients in Upper Manhattan.

Our Executive Team

Bestar Mujaj
Senior Project Manager / Partner

Bestar is undeniably the driving force behind our projects. As a partner at HPRe+D, Bestar consistently goes above and beyond, consistently giving 110% effort. His unwavering dedication revolves around ensuring client satisfaction and cultivating referrals. Bestar’s commitment to excellence extends to holding multiple certifications in emergency and mitigation work. When emergencies arise, whether due to extreme weather conditions or unforeseen challenges, Bestar steps up to lead our emergency service team.

Over the past three years, Bestar has meticulously accumulated a stockpile of mitigation equipment and forged robust relationships with all major insurance companies and estimators. This proactive approach equips us to efficiently handle a broad spectrum of emergencies, encompassing fires, floods, and even airborne challenges. Bestar’s expertise in this field has made a substantial contribution to the success and dependability of our services.

Elijah Tillis
Service Request/Property Management Liaison

Elijah’s role is central to ensuring the seamless functioning of our maintenance and service operations. Additionally, he plays a key role in nurturing and maintaining strong relationships with our Home Services Contacts and Property Management Companies. Elijah’s dedication to this multifaceted role is paramount, given his responsibilities encompass coordinating service requests and tasks for multiple property management companies that we serve.

Kevin Hernandez
Vendor/Client Manager & Scheduling 

Kevin plays a vital role in maintaining the smooth flow of our operations, with a strong focus on estimating and scheduling. Our clients greatly appreciate having a clear understanding of when we can attend to their requirements, and Kevin ensures that real-time communication is available throughout the workweek. This is particularly crucial as dealing with emergencies and navigating the logistical complexities of New York City buildings, traffic, and deliveries isn’t always a precise science. Kevin’s expertise in this area is invaluable to our team and clients alike.